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Udstillinger og events

Nes er netop vendt hjem efter sine udstillinger i Nevada - næste stop: Rapallo. Hans farverige sansebombardement slår til august ned i Rapallo's antikke middelalderborg:

The artist's brushwork gives a sense of light that pushes colour to unexpected expressions, as if light came from his fiery desire, from a need that goes beyond any planning scheme. Skriver Luciano Caprile om Nes.

Thus, the artistic project is carried out a...

Nes returns to Nevada to make expositions of the works created there in 2016.

The Painter fit for fight #theamericandream#laketahoe #usa

Work in Progress #theoldpostoffice #Reno #Nevada

Inspiration from the Canyon of Petroglyphs #Nevada

Reflections on Black marble #westelm #sierraartsfoundation

Paintings created in Virginia City #theoldpostoffice #Reno #Nevada

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