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The white surface calls for visions and ideas

What to express or build?

Raise it, make it three-dimensional, give it texture?

How to lay the lines, the colours, the shapes

The texture, the contrasts or displaced similarities

Organize coincidences

Like music

Beethoven’s tension between shapes, tempo 

and his powerful breaks

In the beginning is the white cloth

White surfaces are breaks

Time to reflect

To protect us from a Bombardment of impressions

pollution, fake news, wars - the great truths and insane heights

We need breaks in life

Breaks we can fill with colours

Nes Nytår 4.jpg
Nes Nytår 5.jpg
Nes Nytår 3.jpg
Nes Nytår 2.jpg
Works by Nes Lerpa / Music by Ejnar Kanding / Words by Nes Lerpa & Martino d'Apuzzo
Idea and design by Martino d'Apuzzo
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