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ART for Nuclear Safety & Security

Castello di Masnago, Varese Italy

Nes and 51 artist colleagues participate in the art exhibition entitled "Art Spaces" that will be inaugurated on Sunday 18 February at the Castello di Masnago museum. This is an ambitious project that combines science and art on the topics of nuclear decommissioning for the protection of future generations.

The 52 artists involved have all created their pieces using a cylindrical steel drum, black, 90 x 60 cm, designed to contain radioactive waste deriving from the dismantling of nuclear installations of the JRC site - European Commission of Ispra. The artists have created very different forms of expression using techniques, and materials closely linked to the language of each artist.

BIRKESPILLET (The Birch Game) by Nes Lerpa

Dimensions 300 x 100

Technique: Mixed technique, pipes made of Platinum and birch.

The work consists of a steel drum of 90x60 cm. Plastic tubes and a couple of birch trunks, coming from Nes Lerpa's studio in Denmark, Atelier Asserbo, mingle in a somewhat odd way. It grows to the sky in harmony, in contrast with the rest. There are suggestions of shadow and birches painted on the stem. It is a work that leaves an open interpretation to the imagination of the observer, suggesting that a world of different materials can live together.

From the exhibition catalogue By Sandro Parmiggiani

The assembly of Birkespillet. Nes gets help from his friends and colleagues at Ceramica Ibis


As can be seen from the visit to the exhibition, the ways of creation and the results of the works are profoundly different:

QUANTITY AMRTA by Sandro Martini


NUCLEAR RECOVERED DRUMS by Piergiorgio Baroldi


HELIOS by Arcangelo Ciaurro

SKULLS AND FLOWERS TANK by Peter Hide aka Franco Crugnola

All the artists have described and motivated their choices, and the message they intended to propose, in texts that are published in the exhibition catalog, together with brief biographical profiles of the artists themselves and the images of the works created.

The artistic project, from the involvement of some artists, to the disposition of the works on display and to the catalog that accompanies it, was curated by Sandro Parmiggiani, art critic and historian, formerly director of Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia, and professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, and by the Cultural Committee of the JRC-Ispra.

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