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Reflection of light from Lapland to the Apennines

Nes invades Cerignale with his solo exhibition from August 10 - 15, "GIBIGIANA DALLA LAPPONIA AGLI APPENNINI" (Reflection of light from Lapland to the Apennines). His large oil paintings on raw canvases will flutter in the wind from historic walls and his colourful ceramic sculptures will shine smiles to visitors and inhabitants from window sills and plateaus around the picturesque middle age village of Cerignale.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on August 10 at 5.30 pm with presentations, discussions and information about the activities by Paola Cordani and Massimo Castelli amongst others.

Cerignale is located after Bobbio towards the Mediterranean Sea by the Trebbia River, where Hannibal with his elephants won over the Romans at Rivalta Castle. Ernest Hemingway called the river the most beautiful in the world ...

#Cerignale #Ceramicsculptures #CeramicPlates #Largeabstractoilpaintings #PaolaCordani #MassimoCastelli #Udstillinger

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