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Life is shining for Nes who returned from his latest exhibition in Rapallo, Italy, just in time to celebrate his 75-year's birthday.

Now he is back on the road to reach Härnösand in Norrland, Sweden, where his next exhibition will take place.

Nes was in Norrland back in March where he painted a lot of water paintings that he will now exhibit them together with some of his oil paintings and ceramic pieces in Konsthallen.

Nes: "The forests are endless, lakes, rivers, rocks the sea and the bays, one of the most beautiful libraries I know, a fantastic open-air museum: Murberget. If you drive on into the country, you will come to a place where I once lived for three years and then it's Lappland with it's different and rough nature".

The locally famous dancers 'Norrdans' dancing in front of Nes' works.

Norrdans in front of Sofie's works.


Nes is bringing his daughter, Sofie Kragh to exhibit with him her oil paintings and some ceramic sculptures. Her colors are dominated by blue, green, turquoise and purple shades. These colors have a healing effect on her and create the feeling of complete freedom when she works with art. The strong elements of her paintings are the water and the air. Figures float and swim past the big powerful shapes and blobs. She is interested in the body's marvellous processes, of bodies in development and movement, abstract expressions and forms in surrealistic movements. During the exhibition Nes and Sofie will be performing a live painting together.

The Exhibition will be opened on september 9 by the poet, illustrator and author Gunnar Svensson together with the art journalist Gunilla Kindstrand.

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